Nazareno Andrade
Laboratório de Sistemas Distribuídos (Distributed Systems Lab)
Universidade Federal de Campina Grande
Campina Grande, Brazil
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I'm interested in large-scale distributed systems -- particularly in peer-to-peer and grid computing systems -- and in all sorts of cooperative systems: volunteer computing/thinking, collaborative tagging, media-sharing, Q-and-A sites, etc..

Current projects

Interswarm resource allocation in BitTorrent : users typically allocate their resources not only inside a swarm when using BitTorrent, but also across multiple swarms. How do present allocation mechanisms perform? (in collaboration with friends at TUDelft and UFRGS)

BitTorrent as a peer production system: understanding user behavior and the quality of service which is provided through the commons approach.

Collaborative behavior in tagging communities: investigating the structure of interest sharing in tagging communities. With some nice people at University of British Columbia, and University of South Florida.

Content discovery and source accreditation in User-Generated Content Systems: Can we leverage social behavior to improve content discovery and reputation evaluation in UGCs?

Custom metadata and collaborative annotation to optimize distributed systems: early-stage work on using user-generated annotations to better allocate resources on grids and application and infrastructure-generated annotations to better manage data in storage systems.

Past projects

The Network of Favors is an
incentive mechanism for p2p systems sharing multiple resources (such as CPU, data transfers and storage) which is currently deployed in OurGrid, a free-to-join, peer-to-peer grid in production since 2004. OurGrid and the Network of Favors have received some press attention, for example on the HP Lab's website and on GridToday.

The SE3D project was a rendering service for 3D animation companies running on on a 100-node datacenter (probably rendering on the cloud, these days). The project was slashdotted when the service was used by 10 british animation companies to create a showcase in 2004. I participated in the implementation of the system and of its market-based resource allocation mechanisms during a 9-month stay at HP Labs Bristol.

MyLib was a prototype of a p2p PDF-sharing community based on semantic queries. The user specifies a tree of inter-relationed terms with weights and the system uses branches of this tree to calculate how accurate are the results. Developed using JXTA, in collaboration with Hyggo Oliveira.

The Sonic Object Analysis Library (SOAL) is a library in CommonList / CLOS for the musical composition and analysis software OpenMusic, from IRCAM.  This library aids non-tonal musical analysis based on an objected-oriented musical analysis. Participated when working at the Grupo de Pesquisa em Música, Musicologia e Tecnologia Aplicada (GMT) at UFPB


book chapters | journal | conference and workshop

Book chapters

A Democratizing Resource-Intensive e-Science Through Peer-to-Peer Grid Computing. Francisco Brasileiro, Nazareno Andrade, Raquel Lopes and Lívia Sampaio. In Guide to e-Science: Next Generation Scientific Research and Discovery Xiaoyu Yang, Lizhe Wang and Wei Jie, Editors. Springer London, 2011.

A Reciprocation-based Economy for Multiple Services in a Computational Grid. Nazareno Andrade, Francisco Brasileiro, Miranda Mowbray, Walfredo Cirne. In Market Oriented Grid and Utility Computing. Rajkumar Buyya and Kris Bubendorfer, Editors. Wiley Press, 2010.

Journal Papers

Resource Demand and Supply in BitTorrent Communities. Nazareno Andrade, Elizeu Santos-Neto, Francisco Brasileiro, Matei Ripeanu. Computer Networks Journal. March 2009.

Automatic Grid Assembly by Promoting Collaboration in Peer-to-Peer Grids. Nazareno Andrade, Francisco Brasileiro, Walfredo Cirne, Miranda Mowbray. Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, vol. 67, no. 8, pages 957-966, August 2007

Relative Autonomous Accounting for Peer-to-Peer Grids. Robson Santos, Alisson Andrade, Walfredo Cirne, Francisco Brasileiro, Nazareno Andrade, Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, vol. 19, no. 14, pages 1937-1954. September 2007

Gifting Technologies: A BitTorrent Case Study. Matei Ripeanu, Miranda Mowbray, Nazareno Andrade, and Aliandro Lima. First Monday, vol. 11(11),  November 2006

Labs of the World, Unite!!! Walfredo Cirne, Francisco Brasileiro, Nazareno Andrade, Lauro Costa, Alisson Andrade, Reynaldo Novaes, Miranda Mowbray. Journal of Grid Computing, vol. 4, no. 3, pages 225-246. September 2006

Conference and Workshop papers

A Link Prediction Approach to Recommendations in Large-scale User-Generated Content Systems. Nitin Chiluka, Nazareno Andrade and Johan Pouwelse.
The 33rd European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR 2011), 2011.

Peer Selection Strategies for Improved QoS in Heterogeneous BitTorrent-Like VoD Systems. Lucia D'Acunto, Nazareno Andrade, Johan Pouwelse, Henk Sips.
ISM '10: Proceedings of the 2010 IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia, 2010.

Improving Accuracy and Coverage in an Internet-Deployed Reputation Mechanism. Rahim Delaviz, Nazareno Andrade and Johan Pouwelse.
IEEE Peer-to-Peer Computing 2010 (P2P 2010), 2010.

Individual and social behavior in tagging systems. Elizeu Santos-Neto, David Condon, Nazareno Andrade, Adriana Iamnitchi, Matei Ripeanu.
Hypertext 2009.

BitTorrent Needs Psychiatric Guarantees: Quantifying How Vulnerable BitTorrent Swarms are to Sybil Attacks. Felipe Pontes, Francisco Vilar Brasileiro, Nazareno Andrade.
LADC 2009.

Scalable Resource Annotation in Peer-to-Peer Grids. Nazareno Andrade, Elizeu Santos-Neto and Francisco Brasileiro.
8th International Conference on Peer-to-Peer Computing 2008 (P2P'08). September, 2008.

Enabling Cross-Layer Optimizations in Storage Systems with Custom Metadata. Elizeu Santos-Neto, Samer Al-Kiswany, Nazareno Andrade, Sathish Gopalakrishnan and Matei Ripeanu. . ACM/IEEE International Symposium on High Performance Computing (HPDC) - HotTopics, June, 2008.

On the Efficiency and Cost of Introducing QoS in BitTorrent. Nazareno Andrade, Jaindson Santana, Francisco Brasileiro and Walfredo Cirne, Seventh International Workshop on Global and Peer-to-peer Computing (GP2PC), May 2007

Sharing in BitTorrent Communities. Miranda Mowbray, Nazareno Andrade, Matei Ripeanu, Aliandro Lima, and Gustavo Wagner, Invited presentation, Adaptive and Resilient Computing Security Workshop (ARCS), Santa Fe, November 2006.

A Reciprocation-Based Economy for Multiple Services in Peer-to-Peer Grids. Miranda Mowbray, Francisco Brasileiro, Nazareno Andrade, Jaindson Santana, Walfredo Cirne, Sixth IEEE International Conference on Peer-to-Peer Computing (P2P'06), September 2006

Accurate Autonomous Accounting in Peer-to-Peer Grids. Robson Santos, Alisson Andrade, Walfredo Cirne, Francisco Brasileiro, Nazareno Andrade, 3rd Workshop on Middleware for Grid Computing (MGC2005), November 2005

Influences on Cooperatoin in BitTorrent Communities. Nazareno Andrade, Miranda Mowbray, Aliandro Lima, Gustavo Wagner, Matei Ripeanu, Third Workshop on the Economics of Peer-to-peer Systems, SIGCOMM 2005, August 2005

Scheduling in Bag-of-Task Grids: The PAUÁ Case. Walfredo Cirne, Francisco Brasileiro, Nazareno Andrade, Lauro Costa, Daniel Paranhos, Elizeu Santos-Neto, César De Rose, Tiago Ferreto, Miranda Mowbray, Roque Scheer, J. Jornada, 16th Symposium on Computer Architecture and High Performance Computing (SBAC-PAD'2004), October 2004

When Can an Autonomous Reputation Scheme Discourage Free-riding in a Peer-to-Peer System? [ppt] Nazareno Andrade, Miranda Mowbray, Walfredo Cirne, Francisco Brasileiro, the 4th Workshop on Global and Peer-to-Peer Computing (GP2PC), April 2004

Discouraging Free-riding in a Peer-to-Peer Grid. Nazareno Andrade, Francisco Brasileiro, Walfredo Cirne, Miranda Mowbray, the Thirteenth IEEE International Symposium on High-Performance Distributed Computing (HPDC). June 2004

Reputação Autônoma como Incentivo à Colaboração no Compartilhamento de Recursos Computacionais. (MSc. Thesis, in Portuguese, approved with distinction). Nazareno Andrade. March 2004

Assembling community grids for bag-of-tasks applications. Nazareno Andrade. Research Colloquium of the Third IFIP conference on e-Commerce, e-Business, and e-Government. September 2003

Grid Computing for Bag of Tasks Applications. Walfredo Cirne, Francisco Brasileiro, Jacques Sauvé, Nazareno Andrade, Daniel Paranhos, Elizeu Santos-Neto, Raíssa Medeiros. Third IFIP Conference on E-Commerce, E-Business and E-Goverment. September 2003

OurGrid: An Approach to Easily Assemble Grids with Equitable Resource Sharing. Nazareno Andrade, Walfredo Cirne, Francisco Brasileiro. 9th Workshop on Job Scheduling Strategies for Parallel Processing (JSSPP), June 2003

Using MyGrid to run bag of tasks applications on computational grids. Walfredo Cirne, Daniel Paranhos, Lauro Costa, Elizeu Santos-Neto, Nigini Abílio, Nazareno Andrade, Franscisco Brasileiro and Jacques Sauvé. Talk on the 4th Workshop RPN2, May 2003.

Acessando o grid: estado da arte e perspectivas [PDF] (Accessing the grid: state of the art and perspectives). Nazareno Andrade. December 2002

Levantamento da Comunidade Grid no Brasil. (The brazilian grid computing research community). Walfredo Cirne, Nazareno Andrade, Elizeu Santos-Neto, Lauro Beltrão. RNP Technical Report. November 2002


I'm into photography and I maintain a Flickr for that, with all pictures licensed under the Creative Commons license.

I'm also very much into music. In the past I've played the bass in a few bands, studied some classical doublebass and currently I maintain a project for DJing brazilian music called Volante Filipéia.